A shower remodel can make a huge impact on your comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you look through our shower ideas and browse photos,  figure out some of the common features that seem to recur throughout.

We have all the materials and services to completely transform your shower. From porcelain tiles and decorative mosaics, we have all the materials for all styles and budget. Visit our showroom and discover the most unique materials in person.

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Get inspired by some of our select shower ideas. Photos courtesy of Houzz Inc.

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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are very durable and long-lasting, creating beauty in your laundry room for years to come. They’re also available in a large variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, easily mimicking other materials while retaining easy-to-care-for properties. Porcelain tiles can be used as flooring as well as wall decoration.

#24 Aris

#24 Austin

#24 Avenue

#227 Shape Concept Wall Tile

#24 Noa-R Minnesota

#24 Ars Beige Nature

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Bring a beautifully organic yet exquisitely artful aesthetic to your next home design project with high quality glass, natural stone, shell, and metal mosaics.  At ArchStone Design, we offer a full line of mosaics professionally crafted from a range of the finest natural materials.

#24 Effect Square

#24 Bezel

#24 Aqua

#24 Paradise Tinybroken Cubes Blanco

#24 Glaze Micro Brick Grey

#24 Toscana Firenze

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Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are an incredibly sustainable finishing material. The special coloring technique, which implies the application of paint to the bottom side of the tile, as well as unique material protection and burning methods – all these features prevent tiles from fading and discoloration.

#4 Verve in After Dark

#4 Imperial

#4 Manhattan Wall Mosaic Stone & Glass

#4 Manhattan Wall Mosaic Glass

#10 Teardrop

#10 Vesuvius

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are thin slabs of clay or other inorganic materials, hardened by oven firing and usually coated with some kind of glaze. Ceramic tile surfaces can help accent your home with vivid colors and extraordinary designs. On a limited budget, ceramic tiles can transform a room into an extraordinary space.

#4 Cloe

#7 Artwork Mini Hex

#97 Palisades

#97 Feliz

#24 Malaga Beige

#24 Touch Bottle

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