Koge is an interpretation of Shou Sugi Ban, the centuries-old Japanese method of working cedar wood by burning the surface which gives it a distinctive craquele look. The Kuro is the typical black color of the scorched cedar. The Shiro is its white partner. The Gurè is the wood after the scorched surface has been brushed off to reveal the wood grain underneath tinted grey by the ash which highlights its striations. Great attention has been paid to the surface texture, especially the craquele effect on the Kuro and Shiro, so the series has an interesting tactile element. The final effect is a look and feel of refined elegance.

AFKEGE/848 8 x 48
AFKEGE/412 4 x 12
TrimAFKEGE/SBN 4 x 12 Surface Bullnose
AFKEKO/848 8 x 48
AFKEKO/412 4 x 12
TrimAFKEKO/SBN 4 x 12 Surface Bullnose
AFKESO/848 8 x 48
AFKESO/412 4 x 12
TrimAFKESO/SBN 4 x 12 Surface Bullnose
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