An exotic wood with its aesthetic drawn from the stems of banana leaves, Sant’Agostino’s Pictart series brings a fresh concept to the field of rustic woods. The suffix “art” in the name also suggests to the artistic nature of this product. Combining the characteristic streaks of the plant and the brushstrokes of paint on a gentle relief, Pictart is rich and inviting.

SOPTWE/324 – 3″x24″
SOPTWE/648 – 6″x48″
SOPTWE/16 – 1″x16″
SOPTWE/SBN – 2″x24″ Bullnose
SOPTGY/324 – 3″x24″
SOPTGY/648 – 6″x48″
SOPTGY/16 – 1″x16″
SOPTGY/SBN – 2″x24″ Bullnose
SOPTNL/324 – 3″x24″
SOPTNL/648 – 6″x48″
SOPTNL/16 – 1″x16″
SOPTNL/SBN – 2″x24″ Bullnose
SOPTMX/324 – 3″x24″
SOPTMX/648 – 6″x48″
SOPTMX/16 – 1″x16″
SOPTMX/SBN – 2″x24″ Bullnose
SOPTDK/324 – 3″x24″
SOPTDK/648 – 6″x48″
SOPTDK/16 – 1″x16″
SOPTDK/SBN – 2″x24″ Bullnose
Mix Mosaic
1″x6″ Mosiac
Also available in all colors.
Graphic Deco

The Graphic Deco is a mixture of 18 different graphics in Black, White, Brown and Grey that coordinate with all the plank colors. The 6 x 6 Deco features 18 different patterns and graphic images that are sold randomly. An order may include duplication of some images and omission of others.

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