Cosmopolitan™, an artful recreation of concrete in glazed porcelain, draws its inspiration from urban living with a modern sensibility.

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We are ArchStone Design, one of the largest importers of porcelain tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, marble, granite and much more. Whether your personal style is traditional or modern you will find an excellent range of materials to choose from in our exquisite showrooms. With our constant updates of new material to our showroom, we are able to keep up with the latest styles and fashion of the industry.

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Maintenance and Care information for Porcelain, Ceramic and Natural Stone Tiles.

Prevent Staining

The first step to protecting your investment is to seal the stone with the right sealer. Once this has been done, remember to use a PH balanced cleaner, such as Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner and/or Anti-bacterial cleaner. Never clean with any type of acidic cleaner as this could strip the sealer over time. Acid can also etch polished natural stone. We also suggest using these neutral products to maintain the grout joints on any ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles.

How often should you seal?

When properly maintained, the sealer should have a lifespan similar to what is stated on the label, however, this will vary depending on the traffic and use of the space where the tile is installed. For a general idea, Premium Seal can last up to 15 years with proper care. The easiest way to determine if your stone or grout needs to be re-sealed is to lightly spray it with water. If the water beads on the surface, the stone and/or grout is still in good condition. If the water is absorbed, sealer should be reapplied properly.

Cleaning Tiles and Stone

ArchStone Design recommends using a non-acidic, anti-bacterial cleaner for man-made materials like ceramic and porcelain as well as natural stone materials. We recommend Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner and/or Anti-Bacterial Cleaner as they are safe options for everyday use for both categories of tile. Should your natural stone require deep cleaning or special attention, we advise contacting us for more information, as some stones are sensitive to certain cleaning agents.

Repair Cracked Tiles

For unexpected situations such as this, we always consider saving at least one box of tile depending on the size of your project; this is because tile dyelots change and may not be available if you need a replacement. Always use proper safety equipment including eye protection. We suggest removing all grout around the damaged tile before removing it. Using a hammer, strike the tile in the middle, fracturing into small pieces. Utilizing a power scraper, strike tile from the sides. Be careful not to damage any tile surround the damaged piece.

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